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Lebanese man gets 300 lashes, 6 years for helping woman convert to Christianity

There is your headline. Amazing, isn’t it? The fact that a country like Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries can treat humans like dogs because they believe in a different religion and god than they do. American’s yell, intolerant!! But I wonder is this really the same type of intolerance our own country displays towards religion? This shameful act of punishment is intolerant and happens because the very core of Islamic culture breeds hatred and violence for others. The Koran teaches it and no matter how you interpret your version of Islam you cannot get away from the fact that the Koran teaches violent intolerance.

“There is zero tolerance for any non-Muslim religions in Saudi Arabia.”

–Nina Shea, Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom

But let’s not forget what our own country is like. This is America where freedom, liberty, and equality still exist in some form, right? Is our own country growing closer to this level of intolerance and hatred. I think so. I fear for our country and our skewed morality.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

–Isaiah 5:20

Just because one religion (example: Christianity)  won’t freely accept all types of lifestyles does not make it intolerant but truth. Truth holds true to the standard for which all else is called false. For how can one act in such a way without any convictions towards the left or the right? Would I whip someone 300 times for choosing the homosexual lifestyle or aborting babies?? No! Should anyone do such a thing to anyone who does not live after the same lifestyle as their own? No! But it does not mean one must accept opposing lifestyles as good and right for themselves. Condoning and condemning are the natural recourse of believing in anything worth believing. TOLERANCE DOES NOT MEAN ACCEPTANCE.

Check out this article that gives a similar viewpoint to this idea.

Tolerance Does NOT Mean Acceptance

But when it comes down to it, Christian’s are to love all types of sinners because we are sinners ourselves. We do not pretend to act holier than thou but rather reach out in love in order to share the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. After-all, Jesus was the one who ate with Publicans (lying, cheating, thieves) and Sinners. (prostitutes, drunkards, obvious outright unrighteous) – Luke 15:1-2