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I cannot get over this phrase from Acts 17:6

6 And when they could not find them, they dragged Jason and some of the brothers before the city authorities, shouting, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also,

7 and Jason has received them, and they are all acting against the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, Jesus.”

What kind of effects are you having on the world around you?

I think our culture tries to affect the world in ways that are ultimately ineffective. We try to solve people’s problems through means that sound good and make us look good but don’t solve the problem. We don’t turn anything upside down but rather we spin it around a little.

Take for instance: Michelle Obama’s new upcoming rap album “Songs for a Healthier America.” Yes, the first lady will be producing a rap album to clean kids brains from all the McDonald’s rap albums and catchy slogans by instilling values based on broccoli and carrots. Wait? Fast Food restaurants and chip companies don’t produce rap albums? Hmmmm… Maybe they should spend time counter acting the rap culture. Objectify women and do what you want to do because who cares it’s your life: mo money, mo hoe’s, mo cars, mo guns and mo UNHEALTHY BIG MAC BURGERS! Ok… No self-respecting rapper would ever think about promoting something that’s dangerous for American teenagers.

See the problem? You can try all you want without God and without his plan but to no effect.

A. Rap. Album. For. A. Healthier America. With. Your. Tax. Money.

Ok enough jokes… The problem is… without God, we are nothing.

We try to affect the world in a way that foolishly comes up short.

The only way we can affectively turn the world upside down is through the power of the Holy Spirit. The apostles were given boldness to preach the gospel even to the point of death. But that same power/boldness/grace that the apostles had and helped spread the early church like a wild fire is the same power inside of each one of us. So when you want to CHANGE THE WORLD or when you want to ACTUALLY TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN. Don’t just TRY TO BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE

but rather seek the power you want to see! 

Seek the Holy Spirit through prayer and guidance in the Word of God to find the power to change the world for the glory of God.


My Parents

jordantmoody —  March 6, 2012 — 9 Comments

Pray for my parents please. Especially my Dad. He was supposed to start his chemotherapy to treat his new diagnosis of bone marrow cancer last monday. However, the doctors were nervous about some of his kidney function numbers and therefore did not want to start chemo right away. They rescheduled chemo to start today (monday) but than again they thought his blood numbers and kidney functions were just not good so they postponed it today and called him to an appointment tomorrow to meet with the main doctors at Dartmouth Medical Center. So pray for some answers and for the appointment today and so we can just get going on treating his cancer.

Update: 3/7/12

The doctors at Darmouth Medical Center think that there is a blockage from one of the veins going into his new kidney caused partially from one of the stitches made in the last kidney transplant surgery. This is actually “good news” because they can now do another surgery to go in and place a stint into his vein and speed up the blood flow in and out of the kidney which should solve a lot of the high kidney and blood pressure numbers.

Pray for his surgery coming up either tomorrow or the next day. (Thursday or Friday)


Update 3/9/12

“Today was a long day of waiting. Anyone who has spent much time in a hospital knows what that’s like. The doctor didn’t come by until 4:00 to talk with us about the biopsy results, and after our meeting with him, we understand why. He did have the results by noon, but spent much of the afternoon formulating a complex treatment plan. So I’ll try to convey to you the condensed version of what we learned.

The diagnosis? Moody’s Disease. Really. That’s what the doctor is calling it, not to be funny, he said, but because whatever Kevin has doesn’t fit neatly into any identifiable category…yet. It may be years before it gets an official name, but the symptoms are treatable, and they’re going after it on 3 different levels.” Basically he will be doing plasma exchange, chemotherapy, and megasteroids all at the same time for several weeks and will as of today be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks.

So if you could all just pray the 3 different treatments go according to plan. Praise God for the information we were able to learn from the great doctors but pray that they will continue to know what to do with him.