Student Responses #2

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Mr. Jordan’s Bible student responses to this essay: What idea, sentence, quote, verse, etc. stood out to you the most from this session 2?

The one thing that stood out to me was when the girl said she was apologizing for things she was about to go do. It is so easy to get in the mind set that sin isn’t a big deal because God forgives us anyway but this should not be the case. We should be striving to be more Christlike each day, and the Bible says God hates sin so we should too.
 Birds migrate, and eventually after their migrating season they go back to where they were living originally. The Israelites were doing wrong and were not returning back to God. (This is where the bird illustration he gives us in Jer. 8:7 comes in). God wants us to always go back to him. The bible says that a man may fall 7 times, but can always get back up with God’s help, and that’s what we must be doing.
The verse in the previous question, Jeremiah 8:7, says that even the birds leave and return, but we humans don’t. This question stood out to me because I once thought that I could sin and it wouldn’t really matter because I believed in God and knew that he would forgive me. I used my faith as an excuse for sinning against God. This verse reminded me thaGod has saved us, he also demands us to follow him.
When you said “if those birds–and birds are dumb!–are smart enough to return back, how come we aren’t smart enough to turn back to God”. It really struck me. Why would we want to live that double life when we could have the full thing with God?
I really like Jer. 9:23-24. The idea of not boasting in riches or wisdom or might but boasting in understanding and knowing God has really come up a lot in my life lately. I have been reading about this same ideas in my devotions lately. It is so easy to trust in our own human strength because we have control over it, but there are so many things that we will not be able to accomplish using only our own strength. We need to boast in our Lord “who is able to do exceedingly abundant above all that we could ask or think”!
Proverbs 12:15 says how the way of the fool is wise because he is blind to his own sin. How often I do the same thing and think it’s all okay when really I’m in sin and not realizing it or turning to God.
Definitely Jer. 9:23-24 because God is saying I am so much more amazing than all of your worldly items put together so don’t boast in earthly things but be proud of me your CREATOR!! Because my love is infinite! Think about it can shoes or paper really love us?? No then why do we love it??
I really enjoyed how Joshua Harris connected God’s character with out sin. If we truly had belief in God and his words how could we possibly sin against him. The verse that stuck out to me was Jeremiah 8:1-9.
The quote that stood out to me the most was the one from the interview with the girl. “I guess it felt nice to be that desired, and he just became everything that God should have been in my life.” But instead of saying “he” as in the boyfriend, you can put almost anything in place of “he”. And I think by doing that, I can spot out some issues that I need to fix. This is my new favorite quote I think.
If you are living a double life then you don’t really know God,because God is always there to see what you doing.He’s omini-present.God wants you to do good things and live a holy life.So acting one way around school,or christian friends and then acting another way when your on the internet, or around unsaved friends,means that you don’t know God.Therefore your theology is messed up.
Life is choices. Choices have consequences. Make right choices. This quote from Cliff Jenkin always has made an impact on me. No matter how little the choice, we always have to choose the right choice or else there will be consequences. God will bless us if we make the right choice.
The quote that really stuck out to me was when Merrilee talked about using God as her personal ‘sin delete’ button. I felt convicted by this because I feel like I have fallen into that habit too. It is all too easy to use the excuses of “I love God” “I go to church” “I’m a good person” and “I’m saved” to justify sinful thoughts and actions.



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