Evidence of Salvation

jordantmoody —  August 6, 2013 — 2 Comments

I have been reading a bit of the Articles and Resources in the back appendix of the ESV Study Bible. If you have one and haven’t looked in the back of your Bible for the “extras” then I encourage you to do so.

Biblical Doctrine: An Overview (ESV Study Bible page 2531)

God uses vastly different circumstances and experiences to bring people to himself. As C.H. Spurgeon said,

“God’s spirit calls men to Jesus in diverse ways. Some are drawn so gently that they scarce know when the drawing began, and others are so suddenly affected that their conversion stands out with noonday clearness.”

The best evidence of true salvation is not having raised a hand or prayed a prayer, or having been baptized or christened. Instead, the true test off an authentic work of God in one’s life is sanctification as God continues the moral transformation he began in regeneration. This transformation will continue until the redeemed person is resurrected and made completely holy in heaven (glorification; cf. Rom. 8:28-30; Phil.1:6; I John 3:2)




I'm a Pastor/Teaching Elder at Hope Fellowship Church in New Ipswich, NH.

2 responses to Evidence of Salvation


    My grandmother would be a perfect example of someone who was drawn so gently, at such a young age, she scarcely knew when the drawing began. (‘Love that Spurgeon quote, by the way!) Her sanctified life of moral integrity, her prayer life, her faith under duress, her testimony of Jesus’ love and power in her life, all spoke to the authenticity of her Christianity. Yet she could not identify the day when her faith began.

    Thank you, Jordan, for reblogging my post “Float by Faith.” I am honored you found it worthy of passing on!


      You are welcome! I find it exciting and encouraging to fellowship with other Christian bloggers on here.

      How Satan loves to hold us to the letter of law when it comes to the date and time of our salvation. How he sure got me to doubt my own salvation when I still cannot name details in regards to exacting a moment. Thankfully God writes in pen and not in pencil when it comes to his book of life. I hope one day others will look at my life like you do your grandmothers. What a testimony!

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