Week 10 ~ Read Matthew 8-12

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As we continue to read through Matthew we will see the development of Jesus’ ministry. It is important to see some of the structure of the sections you are reading. Notice the book of Matthew is not a string of words without any structure. Many of the NT writers were very deliberate in their writing schemes and strategies. The part I enjoy about this upcoming sections in Jesus’ example of works opening the door for discipling.(heal, disciple, heal,disciple, heal…) The world will never know how much God loves them until we show them how much we care and love them. This is by no means advocating the social gospel but through your works of love you may be able to open the door to the gospel and discipleship.

Outline of Matthew 8-12 

B. Second Part of Galilean Ministry (8-9)

  1. Healing Ministry (8:1-17)

  2. Discipleship (8:18-27)

  3. Healing Ministry (8:28-9:8)

  4. Discipleship (9;9-17)

  5. Healing Ministry (9:18-34)

  6. Summary (9:355-38)


Discourse 2: Instruction to the Twelve (10)

C. Third part of Galilean Ministry(11-12)

  1. Jesus and John the Baptist (11:1-19)

  2. Judgment and Discipleship (11:20-12:8)

  3. Healing Ministry (12:9-45)

  4. Discipleship (12:46-50)




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