Week 8 ~ Philemon and Ephesians

jordantmoody —  October 31, 2012 — 4 Comments


Author: Paul

Provenance: Roman imprisonment

Destination: Philemon

Occasion: Philemon’s slave escapes, meets Paul, becomes a believer, and is sent back to his owner

Purpose: To encourage Philemon to accept Onesimus as a brother and to send him aback to Paul and possibly grant his freedom

Theme: Love and reconciliation in the body of Christ


Author: Paul

Date: AD 60

Provenance: Roman imprisonment

Destination: Circular letter or Ephesus

Purpose: To declare and promote cosmic reconciliation and unity in Christ

Theme: The summing up of all things in Christ





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4 responses to Week 8 ~ Philemon and Ephesians


    This book could open up some good discussion on the NT view of slavery in the NT. Philemon was a slave owner and Onesiums was the slave. Tradition goes to say that Onesiums apparently stole from Philemon and fled.


    Ah, the book of Philemon never really made much sense to me because I never knew who Onesimus was, and I was often puzzled because it seemed so different from other epistles. I never bothered to look into it, the length of the book never motivated me enough. It makes more sense now! I shall go study it today. Thank you!


      Awesome! Glad this helped you!
      This may help your study as well as you look deeper into Philemon.

      Philemon is a short book and often neglected because of its brevity.
      In his letter Philemon, Paul appealed to his friend to receive Onesimus back “no longer as a slave, but more than a slave–a dearly loved brother” (vs 16). Onesimus was a changed man, and Paul urged Philemon to recognize that his relationship with Onesimus had changed as well: they were now brothers in Christ. This is a wonderful example of how Paul envisioned Christianity to transform not only individuals but also social structures such as slavery. — (The Cradle, Cross, and the Crown)

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