Read Galatians

jordantmoody —  October 15, 2012 — 1 Comment

Your reading assignment this week (10/15- 10/21) is to read the book of Galatians.

Comment(click on title) on this post to discuss what you are learning or ask questions on what you don’t understand.

We are on Week 6 :




I'm a Pastor/Teaching Elder at Hope Fellowship Church in New Ipswich, NH.

One response to Read Galatians


    G. Duncan desribed the letter (Galatians) as the “magna carta of Evangelical Christianity.”
    The early church fathers wrote more commentaries on Galatians than any other New Testament book. The letter of Galatians was the favorite of the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, who described it as dear to him as his own precious wife and called it “my own epistle, to which I have plighted my troth.”

    Why is this book so loved by so many? What do you think ?

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