This is a simple usually 4 chapter a week NT Bible reading plan I am doing for one of my classes I am teaching.
I could organize it a little better for us. But basically this might be a good way to invite others to fellowship with us to follow the reading plan. I was think of having my dorm guys read it with us too. They could type a post once a week as well.
What do you think? I absolutely love Prather’s Luke study but I am not sure I could commit to that much with my time constraints this year.




I'm a Pastor/Teaching Elder at Hope Fellowship Church in New Ipswich, NH.

5 responses to Possible NT Reading Plan


    By the way the new updated iPad app for WordPress is way better! I just did this whole post with the pic from my iPad.


    Yeah I like it! 4 chapters a week isn’t bad and it would be great if we could all post once a week about the passage.


      I know if you, me, Josh Prather, Pat, and Josh Clater can keep this up it will work great. Some of the other guys said they don’t have the time lately to keep up with the site, which is totally understandable.
      But Bob do you have time to put that picture of the schedule into a document? So we can have it laid out a little bit better?


    never mind. It worked pretty well to copy and paste into a table. I just need to add the dates.

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