Project CLVI

thewildsofne —  September 17, 2012 — 1 Comment

So here’s what I am thinking…my church has just started a series through Luke and I am excited about the weekly work that goes with it. I think it comes at a perfect time for us as well. The focus of Project CLVI (156) is an in depth study (3-years) of the Gospel of Luke.

Now don’t allow the 3-year thing scare you…Luke is a book that if mastered can help all of us grow not only closer to God but we will have a grasp on the manifestation of the Gospel in Jesus Christ.

Here is the outline for Project CLVI:

During the course of 156 weeks, Project CLVI is a plan to try to master this Book of the Bible and help you be accountable in your study and application of the Book. Here are the elements of Project CLVI:

-Read through the Book of Luke 156 times: According to the weekly reading plan, you will be able to read through the Book of Luke 156 times over the course of three years.
-Answer 156 Theological questions:Luke was an investigator. Each week we will imitate Luke by having one “investigative research question” to research during the week and discuss at the beginning of your ABF class. You will have the opportunity to research 156 theological, historical or practical questions during the course of three years.
-Memorize 156 Verses: There will be a memory verse from the Book of Luke that will incapsulate the theme of the previous week’s study. So, you will be able to memorize 156 verses over the course of 3 years.
-Give away 156 Gospels of Luke: Finally, Luke provided the inspired results of his investigation as an evangelistic tool to both Theophilus and all those who read this Great Book. What if you sought to hand-out one copy of Luke(we will provide them) to a person explaining to them that this is a Book of the Bible written by one who researched the life and times of Jesus Christ? If you did it every week you would give out 156 copies of the Gospel over the course of three years.

I will link pastor Brian’s message every week…while that doesn’t have to be a part of it I promise you that it will definitely help…Prayerfully consider this…I will post the weekly reading and questions for us to answer right here on the blog.

I know this can be a great encouragement to us all for the next 156 weeks plus give us some great consistency along with the normal blogging that we will each do on our assigned weeks. This free’s us up to continues as we have been but have a main focus that we are each a part of and focused in on to help encourage one another.

let’s master this book and take the challenge!

**I will link Week 1 in a separate post**



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