Boring…Don’t Read

jordantmoody —  August 9, 2012 — Leave a comment


I was listening to a Matt Chandler Sermon yesterday and one of the topics he brought up through the course of his message was the issue of boredom. (Check out his podcast here: Village Church Podcast ) He said one of the main problems with reaching today’s culture is boredom. He went on to say more about the topic but I got bored and stopped listening. No, I am kidding, I listened intently because I have seen this very thing in my job as I seek to motivate teenagers to follow Jesus. Never has there been a culture that magnifies boredom. Yet, we have more to do than any other culture in the history of the world. When we sit alone with Jesus today we are bombarded by distractions. In the words of Rand Hummel, ” wouldn’t we all love to go back to the days of little house on the prairie where we just worry about Nelly’s attitude.” 

I would say differently though. I think this is the world God wants us to live in and deal with. Think of all the advantages we have right now at your fingertips. Take for instance this blog. The fellowship we share here would be impossible without modern technology and “distractions.” We just need to get more tough on ourselves when it comes to letting certain things take us away from our Bible reading and prayer time. God is worth it. We should be using all the tools at our disposal in order to draw closer to him. We ought to strive for the mastery and not make excuses for ourselves because we get bored easily because we are just a “victim” of our technological generation.





I'm a Pastor/Teaching Elder at Hope Fellowship Church in New Ipswich, NH.

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