Olympians and fat boys

patrickjreilly —  July 29, 2012 — 4 Comments

Anyone who knows me knows which description best suits me. I’d have to say fat boy over Olympian. Friends like Jordan and Nick may have 1% body fat, but this guy can claim a few more than that. I think we’ve all seen or heard about Michael Phelps and his recent poor health. I confess my curiosity – I googled his images and saw a pic of his little pot belly. I don’t know what type of shape he is in now, but I image he came to London ready for some good competition. The Apostle Paul, ever the athletic fan, tells the Philippian church (chapter 3) to “press on.” He tells them twice in fact. He’s thankful for God’s grace and working, but He desires to “press on” for as long as God gives him life and strength. Paul also gives them two big imperatives: 1) don’t look back and 2) work forward. Both can be such distractions

I can tend to be so passive. This characteristic could be called “quiet-ism.” The opposite is called “pietism” (doing it all myself). We may struggle to understand God’s work and our responsibility. We must, however, understand that God calls us to PRESS ON. Look hard to him and use all the grace God gives you! Follow Paul’s example and STRAIN TOWARDS THE GOAL!

And it wouldn’t hurt to keep me physically accountable. “Fat boy” isn’t the best description for anyone!


4 responses to Olympians and fat boys


    Great reminder that really helps in our everyday walk with the Lord…


    All I got out of it was that I am in pristine physical shape and should be commended more often in posts like this. 1% body fat might be a bit high I might add…

    grace4patrickj July 29, 2012 at 8:40 am

    An olympian is a great illustration of someone who “presses on.” That’s the point. The point is not that Jordan is very athletic : )

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