Righteousness and Religion

patrickjreilly —  July 14, 2012 — 1 Comment


Sorry its been so long, but life just happens, doesn’t it. Anyway, I’ve been in Philippians 3 and seeing that any attempt at righteousness without Christ is just a joke. If Paul lived today, he might possibly say all our “good works” are a bunch of crap. Some may not like that word, but I write it to express the power of the statement. If anyone had a good “religious resume,” it was Paul. He (follow me here) was dedicated at church, went to VBS, a Christian School, a Christian College and seminary. He excelled in EVERYTHING. Only Christ’s righteousness, however, could save his soul – never his good works.

Regenerate Christians live a different live – no doubt. The Spirit gives them help to do it, and you bear a responsibility to obey, But never for a second think “you got this.” You owe and need Jesus!

Just a quick one, but hope it may encourage you.


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