Themes In Isaiah

bobbyemberley —  April 26, 2012 — 1 Comment

I’ve been reading through Isaiah recently. It’s a tougher book to read through, but I’ve been trying to pick up on some major themes.

1. God takes sin seriously.

2. God will save a remnant.

3. God is the one in control, accomplishing his purposes.

These are basic truths that we need to be continually reminded of. What I think is cool is that these are all truths that are directly related to the gospel. Yet, we see them in the OT. Another reminder of the continuity and grand storyline of the Bible- salvation is found in Jesus Christ!



One response to Themes In Isaiah


    This is awesome Bob. I have been trying to point out some of these same themes to my Jr. High OT Bible Class. One of the most striking ones is 1. God takes sin seriously.
    I just find it hard sometimes to really understand why he is so longsuffering. It’s amazing to see His patience with the people of Israel.

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