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Well, Bible Conference was last week, and I feel like I’ve been drinking from a fire hose for a week straight. One of the messages that stood out to me was preached by Dr. Jim Efaw from West Virginia. Here is just a brief outline and some short notes from the message.

Genesis 39: 7-15               Joseph & Potiphar’s wife

1. Temptation comes to every believer

  • not only are the “carnal or weak” Christians tempted, but also the older, mature Christians. Joseph had an outstanding testimony, (that’s why he was put in such a high position in the kingdom) yet he was still tempted. Remember, it is not a sin to be tempted.

2. Temptation is not easily overcome

  • temptation is always alluring, it is always tailor made to our own weaknesses. It always appeals to at least one if not all of these: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride of life.

3. Our sinful flesh makes it easy to rationalize

  • we often reason away little sins, believing the devil’s lies such as “its no big deal, or God doesnt really care”.

4. Temptation can be overcome by the power of God

  • Here are Joseph’s steps to victory:
  1. He refused; he simply said “no”, it is forbidden (He purposed in his heart like Daniel)
  2. He envisioned the horrible consequences; he saw it as a Great Wickedness
  3. Ultimately, he realized his sin would be against God himself.  

5. The results of victory

  • God honors those who commit to godly living



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