Christ/Gospel Lifestye

bobbyemberley —  March 14, 2012 — 2 Comments

I’ve been challenged recently by two phrases from Philippians 1.

1. For me to live is Christ (vs. 21)

2. Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ (vs.27)

Both these brief phrases point out that to live for Christ and the gospel demands your entire life. Too often I find myself trying to get the “Christian” stuff out of the way so I can move on to do what I really want to do. Yet, this is so exactly opposite of what God really wants. He wants all of me completely. He wants my heart. He wants my entire life. I think one of the reasons I (and perhaps others) tend to shy away from this type of thinking is that it seems so overwhelming. We think how on earth can I possibly give what God requires. Yet, when we realize that Christ has already lived this type of life for us on our behalf, we are freed to offer our whole lives not out of duty or fear but out of love.


2 responses to Christ/Gospel Lifestye


    I find it really hard to express this concept to teenagers let alone myself. I just don’t know how to explain sacrifice. Many of my students hold on to so many things. The things are more important than Christ. In fact many times anything is more important than Christ.
    How do we communicate to others the importance of giving up ourselves to be used totally by Christ?


    In society we have been doing a brief study on Romans 12:1-2. I think Paul encapsulates the idea of sacrifice quite effectively there. The idea of being a living sacrifice is so foreign to us, but that is what is required of us. But it is not an unreasonable requirement, it is a natural outflow of our worship for Christ (which is your spiritual worship or reasonable service). So we see that being a living sacrifice is not an unreasonable call. It is not just for the “extremist” Christian, it is just what is expected and should be the natural response for what Christ has done for us on the cross. Because of the “therefore” which is referring to the first 11 chapters of Romans (namely the gospel) we ought to present our lives a living sacrifice to God.
    Then in verse 2 we have 2 separate but related challenges; to not be conformed to the thinking of this world, but to have our minds renewed. Colossians 3 has a great deal to say about the old man and the new man and mind renewal. This mind renewal comes as the Holy Spirit changes our thinking through consistent study and meditation on the Scriptures.
    But ya, I do not claim to have this figured out in my own life. So often I section off parts of my life that I give to Christ, but then I hold on to some area stubbornly holding them back from God. And Paul nailed it; it really is sacrifice to not be conformed to this world. It really is quite appealing at times, or else we would not need to be reminded to take heed. But through prayerful time spent in the Word we can find victory.

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