Christ-like Thinking

patrickjreilly —  March 13, 2012 — 2 Comments

Philippians 2 (verses 1-4) begins with three gospel truths.

1. Christ encourages

2. Love comforts

3. The Spirit participates (koinonia – literally “fellowships”)

Biblical truth always leads to an exhortation. The above truths exhort us to unity. The pursuit of gospel-unity calls for one-mindedness, one “love-ness,” and true fellowship. May we never “compete” as Christians. We play for the same team and serve the same Master…and that Master is NOT you or me! May God, His glory and His gospel, be our only “agenda.” Listen to others. Every gospel minister may certainly have good ideas. You are not the supreme authority.

Guys, we need to pray! All of these exhortations are impossible w/o grace. God does as He pleases. Let us go to Him and ask Him to transform us!



2 responses to Christ-like Thinking


    Hey pat. i’ve been meditating on these verses myself. It’s awesome to know that encouragement, comfort, love, affection, and sympathy actually exist. So many people in this world are looking for exactly these things, and we have it! Not only do these things exist but Paul dares to believe that they exist within a group of people. Indeed, as you have pointed out in some ways they can only be experienced within a group of people. Yet, the context in which these qualities can be experienced is also the context that can most threaten them. Because when we come together as sinners we so often fight and devour one another. You are so right brother, we need to pray. Pray that as a community of believers we would experience these qualities and let them shine to others.


    I love this chapter! I want to try to add to what you guys said already. I was thinking about your ideas and the only way to get over the fights churches have and get over the quarrels that Christians have is destroying pride for it is the “insidious root of all sin.”

    Every group or community has a center. The center of our Christian communities attempting to experience, affection, sympathy, joy, love, and unity must do so through Christ.
    Verse 5 says, “have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus”
    The mind or driving force of our communities must be Christ and taking on Christ’s mind means taking demonstrating humility like he did. Look at the example of Christ’s humility laid out for us in the rest of the chapter. He humbled himself.
    So for our community to experience encouragement, comfort, love, affection, and sympathy we need to have the mind of Christ which is ignited only through humility.

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